Southern Area BEP

Careers Database
The Southern Area BEP are developing an online Careers Guidance Database for the SELB Schools. The main aim of the database is to improve students' awareness of the career opportunities in their local area and to inform them of the qualifications, skills and experience required for particular jobs.
As well as being used as a career guidance tool, the database can also be used as a teaching resource to assist teachers in the classroom.

Virtual e-business
Virtual e-business is an initiative created and developed by the Southern Area BEP in partnership with the SELB to improve the employability skills of local people.
The programme aims to "Give students an opportunity to develop a range of skills which are sought by today's employers".
Virtual e-business will link each school with both a large and a small company. The school will then liase with their link company via e-mail, employer visits etc. to gain information relating to their curriculum:
- Business studies (e-business)
- Information and Communication Technology. ICT